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Hack Racing is an amateur, grass-roots racing team! Where the mechanics learn-on-the-job, the drivers are their own worst enemy, and the cars are marginal... But we put on a good show and have a great time!

Seriously though, we are a bunch of enthusiasts who do what it takes to get our cars on track and go racing. We are a team that really started as a friendship and works out of each other's garages.

I've tried to put some thoughts down about what pro racing is like: here's an article I've written about the first half of the PWC 2015 season.

Hack Racing had an excellent showing at Round 1 of the Pirelli World Challenge at COTA (Circuit of the Americas) in Austin, TX, coming home with 2 third place finishes and a fifth, placing Van Svenson third in the championship points.

Hack Racing Chevy Sonic at COTA

Hack Racing Chevy Sonic at COTA

Round 4 is at Mid-Ohio. Races will be streamed live!

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Although we much prefer working at Hack Racing's Poughkeepsie Headquarters!